Governing Body

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Mr. Raosaheb Shekhawat
(President, vidyabharati shaikshanik Mandal, Amravati)
2 Mr. B. L. Shekhawat
3 Mr. A. D. Chauvan
(Society Nominee)
4 Mr. Raghunathji Rode
5 Prof. S. V. Kalikar
(Educationist From Region)

College Development Committee

As per the 108 (1)(B) of section 97 of Maharashtra University Act the College Development Committee is Constituted as-

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Mr. Raosaheb Shekhawat
(President, vidyabharati shaikshanik Mandal, Amravati)
2 Dr. Ashok D. Chauhan (Secretary V.B.S.M.) Member
3 Dr. V. V. Parhate (Head Principal's Nominee) Member
4 Dr. V. R. Wankhade (Teachers’ Reppresentative) Member
5 Dr. S. B. Kadu
(Teachers’ Reppresentative )
6 Dr. P. S. Yenkar
(Teachers’ Reppresentative)
7 Mr. B. K. Karamsot
(Non-Teaching Representative )
8 Mr. Randhir Patil
(Management’s Nominee(Industry))
9 Dr. M. K. Roy
(Management’s Nominee(Research) )
10 Dr. A. D Chauhan
Management’s (Industrialist)
11 Dr. R. M. Patil (Co-ordintor, IQAC) Member
12 (Vacant) President, Students’ Council Member
13 (Vacant) (Secretary, Students’ Council) Member
14 Dr. P. S. Yenkar
(I/C Principal)
Member Secretary

Entrepreneur Development Cell

The Entrepreneur Development Cell" is established for Vidya Bharati Mahavidyalaya, Amravati with the objective to develop entrepreneurial skills among the new technocrates and to motivate them to become a successful entrepreneur.

Sr. No Name Designation
  1 Name Here

Anty-Ragging Committee

Committee Name

Sr. No Name Designation
1   Dr. V. R. Shekhawat   Convener
2   Dr. Pallavi Mandavgade   Member
3   Mr. B. D. Bundele   Member
4   Dr. P. S. Bodkhe   Member
5   Dr. S. S. Kawitkar   Member
6   Dr. D. S. Rangacharya   Member
7   Dr. P. G. Dammani   Member
8   Prof. A. M. Dwivedi   Member

Vishakha Committee

The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution. At Vidya Bharati College, we strongly believe that women and men have right to live as free and equal human beings and this equality should exist in all areas of life. All the activities conducted by the cell are directed towards successful execution of this goal.

Sr. No Name Designation
1   Dr. P. S. Yenakar  Convener
2   Dr. V. R. Tantarpade(Wankhade)  Member
3  Dr. M. M. Kherde   Member
4   Dr. D. S. Wankhade   Member
5  Prof. Y. V. Dhote   Lady Lawyer
6   Prof. Pooja Dammani   Member
7   Mrs. S. K. Totade   Member
8   Adv. Jyoti Mahatre   NGO Member
9   Prof. S. M. Mohod   Secretary

The Institution Development And Monitoring Committee

The Following is the composition of the IDMC Of VBMV for the year 2018-2019

Sr. No Name Designation

Discipline Committee

Disciplinary matter are dealt with stern approach expeditiously. Any matter communicated verbally, writtn form or in an anonymous format are viewed with due weightage. Matters reported concerning ragging reportes by any means or by the anti-ragging squad are dealt with ulmost seriousness SGBAU follows a well documented Anti-ragging policy.

Sr. No Name Designation

Information on the policies rules and processes is made available on website.the arrival all students joining GRCP are informed about the rules regulations and procedures at college during orientation program. the same are available inthe society manual. Periodic reminders are done through circulars which get inputs.
All information relevant or needed by all stakeholders is available in web. periodic communications are sent to parents/guardians. SMS communications are sent to the parents reagrding to the absentees, sessional marks, monthly attendance, examination absentees, etc. At the time of joining new staff, personal information qualifications, professional skills and experience are collected and used for strengthening the course and the college.
The data of all staff are periodically updated and uploaded in the college website. The administrative rules and regulations covering all cadre of staff employed are mentioned in the manual. The employees are given uniform consideration. Transparency is maintained realting to rules followed which include general administration, service conditions duties, rpomotion policies, increment, award and also disciplinary action.
The programme syllabus book is available inthe library which provides transparency in implementing academic plans and current regulations, courses, marks, attendance, examination, etc.
Recruitment and interview of all staff is done by issuing advertisment and following the regulations of SGBAU university, AICTE and pharmacy council of India (PCI) thus reference points are made clear to the staff.

Internal Academic Monitoring Committee

committee Name

Sr. No Name Designation

Training & Placement Committee

Committee Name

Sr. No Name Designation

Grievance Redressal Committee

Committee Name

Sr. No Name Designation
1  Dr. S. B. kadu  Convener
2   Dr. R. V. Joat   Member
3   Dr. V. R. Dhawale   Member
4   Mrs. P. A. Kolhe   Member

Student Wellfare Committee

Committee Name

Sr. No Name Designation
1  Dr. K. K. Tapar  Chairman
2  Mr. A. R. Jaiswal  Member
3  Miss. Pooja Hindocha  Member
4  Mr. S. C. Atram  Member
5  A. P. Mohad  Member
6  Mr. V. L. Thakur  Member

CPCSEA Committee

The CPCSEA has accepted the following members recommended by the establishment:

Sr. No.  Name of Member  Designation