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Department of English

Year of Establishment -1972

Dr. R. M. Patil

Professor and Head

English as a language is taught throughout the world. It opens windows to knowledge in all fields of human endeavour. From the language of international relations and diplomacy and a preserve of the elite, English has come across to the threshold of common man in India. It is all because of good knowledge of English language that we have been able to produce a large number of professionals, scholars and technocrats serving the corporate sector, academic institutions and research organizations throughout the world.
The Department of English was started in 1972. It has a very illustrious history and initially it was headed by Dr. S. R. Nair, the veteran academician. It is one of the most vibrant departments in the college offering students a variety of academic programmes from the under graduate to the doctoral level. The department introduced the State Level Elocution Competition from 2016 onwards to make a platform available to the students who wish to enhance their eloquence and language proficiency. The Department also played very significant role in shaping the college magazine Pratibha, the first prize winner twelve times in a row at the university level competition. The department is very much vigilant to take care of individual learner differences and facilitate effective learning of English for students from vernacular medium.
The Department has offered many courses to enhance the value of the regular programmes. A few of the them are: Enhancing Competence in English, Business Communication, English Grammar and Competitive Examinations, Personality Development and Soft Skills, etc. The Department has always taken a lead as far as research and publications are concerned. It has successfully completed a Major and two Minor Research Projects funded by the UGC. It has been recognized as a research centre for doctoral (Ph.D.) degree by the affiliating university. It has been allotted intake of 18 research scholars to carry out the research. The Department has successfully produced 22 Ph. Ds and 39 M. Phil students as well as 50 publications in journals of high repute and 09 books edited by the faculty. The department has organized an International Conference on English Language and Literature which turned out to be a grand success. Dr. R. M. Patil, the Head, led the Board of Studies in English at the affiliating university, revised the syllabi at UG and PG level and also introduced the Internal Evaluation System in his tenure as the Chairperson of the BoS, the Member of the Academic Council and the Senate. The faculty members are cent percent involved in the Assessment and Accreditation process of the NAAC by being the coordinator and members of the IQAC and the Steering Committee. The department remains vibrant throughout the year by organizing various academic and support academic activities. The faculty have been regularly using ICT tools in Teaching - Learning process by conducting classes in the Smart/E-Classrooms, screening films and dramas, video lectures of experts, etc. The department also has developed a Language Laboratory supported with Words Worth Software to make language learning interesting and effective.
We feel proud of our students who brought laurels to the college by being a part of various competitions held during the academic session. We have produced a good number of administrators, Police officers, Lawyers and Professors rendering their honest services to the nation. With a committed and dedicated faculty to guide, I assure all our students a very bright future.

Teaching Methods

•   Lecture method
•   Remedial Teaching
Remedial Teaching for Slow Learners.
•   Experiential Learning:
• Field Visit
• Study Tours
•   Participatory Learning:
Learning by Various Practical
• English Language Laboratory
• Seminars
• Group Discussion
• Poster Presentation
• PPT Presentation
• Debate Competition
• Elocution Competition
• Quiz Competition
•   Google Classroom:
• Google classroom is used to give assignments and study material; to upload question papers and additional information to the students.
• Whatsapp
•   Use of ICT tools:
• Power Point Presentations
• Use of LCD
• YouTube links of the Video Clips of the Prescribed Topics
• Screening of movies/documentaries based on prescribed syllabus
•   Guest Lectures:
• To improve communication skills
• For personality development
• Language enrichment
• Art of story telling
• Critical thinking
• Power of expression

Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

•   National/State level conference/workshop/Seminar/Other activities organized by department
•   International Conference on Language and Literature
•   State Level Elocution Competition
•   Workshop on Communication Skills
•   Workshop on Debate and Elocution
•   Pratibha : The College Magazine
•   MCQ’s on language and literature with key solutions .. Click here to view

Details Of Faculty Members

Teachers Images

    Dr. R. M. Patil

    Professor and Head

    • Qualification : M.A. M.Phil. Ph.D.
    • Experience : 26 Year
    • Expert Area : American Literature
    • Research Experience : 15 Year
    • Email :
    • Mobile : +91 9421828666

Teachers Images

    Mr. V. P. Shekokar

    Associate Professor

    • Qualification : M.A. SET (English)
    • Experience : 15 Year
    • Email :
    • Mobile : +91 8087744185

Teachers Images

    Ms. Jyoti Wankhade

    Assistant Professor

    • Qualification : M.A. SET
    • Experience : 05 Year
    • Expert Area : American Drama
    • Email :
    • Mobile : +91 8329359089

Teachers Images

    Ms. Shubhangi Joshi

    Assistant Professor

    • Qualification : M.A.
    • Experience : 03 Year
    • Expert Area : Literary Theory
    • Email : shubhangi.joshi222@gmail.comm
    • Mobile : +91 7083354057


Research Guides:

  Sr. No.   Name of the Guidet   Area of Research   Students Registered   Students Awarded Ph.D.
  1   Dr. R. M. Patil   American Literature   06   12
  2   Dr. P.S. Yenkar   Indian writing in English   03   03

Grants received in the Department:

  Sr. No.   Name of the Faculty   Title of the Research Project   Minor/ Major   Amount of Research Grants   Funding Agency
  1   Dr. S. R. Nair   Preparing a Handbook in Communicative Skills especially for College Teachers'   Major   7,81,200   UGC
  2   Dr. R. M. Patil   Environmental Awareness: An Ecological Study   Minor   50,000   UGC
  3   V.P.Shekokar   The Role of Refresher Course for the Professional development of English Teachers   Minor   80,00   UGC

Publications: Journal Papers/ Book/Chapter:

  Sr. No.   Name of the Faculty   No. of paper in Journals   Type of the Journal
  1   Dr. P.S. Yenkar   20   International, National
  2   Dr. R. M. Patil   22   International, National
  3   V.P.Shekokar   10   International, National

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