NAAC Re-accredited with Grade “A”(CGPA 3.26 -Second Cycle) || CPE Status (Third Time) by UGC, Mentor College under Paramarsh Scheme by UGC || Lead College by S.G.B. Amravati University, Amravati || ISO Certifications: 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

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Vidya Bharati Mahavidyalaya is one of the premier institutions of the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, popularly known for its quality in higher education. It has been running UG, PG and research programmes over a period of five decades. The vision and mission of the institution is to make holistic development of the youths. Being an affiliated one to the Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, it is constrained to follow the curriculum designed by the university. The college has taken many initiatives to achieve its goal. Our responsibility is to develop morally upright citizen capable of thinking, learning and striving for national development. Creation of Self-reliant Centre of Excellence that Imparts Knowledge and Develops the Right Values, among the students is the target of the institution.

Along with quality education, students should learn life skills to fulfil the market requirement, is the feel of the institution. To cater this need, Vidya Bharati has established General Event Management Society to impart various necessary skills among the students by developing a structured mechanism. The Governing Body of the education society extended its helping hand and under the leadership of Mrs. Manjari Shekhawat a dedicated group called Vidya Bharati GEMS got established to organize programmes on enhancing academics, games and sports, theatrical performances, elocution and debates, GD and PI, environmental awareness, etc. Our university curriculum is not adequate to enhance skills of the learners & enable them to compete with the global situation. The institute has brought changes in the framework and its curriculum delivery. Due to sincere organization of all these events, the institution can provide quality ambience to enhance the learning experiences of the students throughout the year. The visionary management and administration responded positively to the innovative concept put forward by the important stakeholders. As a result a multidimensional forum an initiative taken by the students, of the students and for the students dedicated to reflect, govern and organize the activities, came into existence. The management and administration have adopted distinct approach for achieving the vision and mission of the society by establishing VIDYA BHARATI GEMS- forum for students to exhibit their hidden talent.

Thus, Vidya Bharati GEMS becomes an identical feature of the institution. For better execution, Core Committee comprising of Students' representatives, few teachers, principal and chairperson of the GEMS get formed to guide and check the activities to be conducted. The Core Committee sits and prepares the perspective plan for each ensuing year. The members are free to share their views in the meeting. After due discussion the plan gets final shape and thereafter it is sent to the management to get it approved.

Vidya Bharati G.E.M.S. has different facets like

•   Club Sadhana – Holistic and spiritual development
•   Club Manthan – Personality and skill development
•   Club Young Minds – Oratory, elocution and innovation.
•   Club Malhaar – Theatrical performance
•   Club Shourya– Games and Sports for physical development.
•   Club Enviro – Environmental awareness

These platforms played pivotal role in honing the skills of the students

•   Entrepreneurial Skills
•   Employability Enhancement Skills
•   Academic Excellence
•   Value Based Education
•   Commitment to society
•   Environmental Awareness