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Dr. N. R. Thorat

Assistant Professor
M.Sc. Ph.D.
Programme Officer

National Service Scheme popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in Mahatma Gandhiji’s Centenary year, 1969 and aimed at developing student’s personality through community service. It is an attempt to bring social welfare of the rural communities by volunteer service. The National Service Scheme has been functioning with the motto “NOT ME BUT YOU” in view of making the youth inspired in service of the people and hence NSS Aims Education through Community Service and Community Service through Education. Our institute has introduced this program since the year of its establishment. Through this program, the college is striving to cherish love for social service among the students in their learning age. It is a kind of platform for our students to show their hidden skills and to utilise them for the welfare of society and nation. It also brings students belonging to different social and economical levels to come together to share each other’s experience. They also come in touch of rural life with its difficulties during their stay in rural area. By it, we conduct various programs such as cleanliness drive in college campus and other places, voter awareness rallies in town and villages, programme on foeticides, farmer centric programme and school dropout survey etc. The Department also provides the services of its volunteers to the local police department during the religious procession. The local governing bodies, rural hospital and many NGOs seek the help of our manpower to conduct various activities.

National Service Scheme is a community service Programme sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Govt. of India

•  We think of Alumni Association in helping all of us stay connected to our alma mater.

I. Aims and objectives

The objectives of the National Service Scheme are to arouse in the students social conscience and to providing him/her with opportunity.
1. To work, with/among people
2. To engage in creative and constructive social action
3. To enhance his/her knowledge of himself/herself and the community
4. To put his/her scholarship to practical use in mitigating at least some of the problems
5. To gain skill in programme development to enable him/her for self employment
6. To bridge the gulf between the educated and uneducated masses.
7. To promote the will to serve the weaker section of the community

II Term of N.S.S.

A Student enrolled in N.S.S is expected to put in at least 120 hours of social service in an academic year and shall be entitled to get a certificate from the University/ College / Institution on completion of years i.e. 240 hours.


III. Symbol N.S.S (Logo)

The Rath Wheel of Konark Sun Temple of Orissa is the symbol of N.S.S.

1. The Wheel signifies the progressive cycle of life
2. The eight bars of the wheel symbolise the readiness to serve the nation for 24 hours of the day
3. The red colour in the logo stands for blood and sacrifice i.e. lively active and spirited.
4. The navy blue colour indicates the cosmos of which the N.S.S is a tiny part ready to work for the welfare of the mankind.

IV Programmes

a) Regular N.S.S. activities

Under this students can undertake various social Programmes in the adopted village or in the college campus during the weekends or after college hours for not less than 120 hours per year.

b) Special Camping

Annual special camps will be organised in village for duration of 08 Days special project is taken up with the environment of local community during this period.

c) The N.S.S. Song


NSS Local Advisory Committee

S.N. Name of the Member Designation
1. Dr.P. S. Yenkar Chairman
2. Dr. N. R. Thorat Convener
3. Dr. Murlidhar Wadekar Member
4 Dr. Girish Kharkar Member
5 Dr. R. M.Patil Member
6 Dr. V. V. Parate Member
7 Dr. M. U.Ghurde Member
8 Dr. P. V.Pulate Member
9 Prof. Ashiwini Sangle Member
10 Prof. S. B. Sarwaiyya Member
11 Mr. Prathmesh Bhele Student Repre.
12 Ku. Pratiksha Belsare Student Repre

Information about the NSS unit of the college

S.N. Year Sanctioned Strength Actual Enrolment Boys Girls Total
1 2013-14 200 200 200 100 100 200
2 2014-15 200 200 200 100 100 200
3 2015-16 200 200 200 100 100 200
4 2016-17 200 200 200 100 100 200
5 2017-18 200 200 200 100 100 200
6 2018-19 200 200 200 100 100 200
7 2019-20 200 200 200 100 100 200

NSS Unit Leader

S.N. Year NSS Unit Boys NSS Unit Girls
1 2013-14 Tushar Khond Swati Kadu
2 2014-15 Tushar Khond Swati Kadu
3 2015-16 Mr. Kartik Chitrakar Megha Wagh
4 2016-17 Mr. Kartik Chitrakar Megha Wagh
5 2017-18 Mr. Tannmay Tiwari Kanchan Dhote
6 2018-19 Mr. Tannmay Tiwari Komal Dhewale
7 2019-20 Mr. Prathmesh Bhele Ku. Pratiksha Belsare


S.N. Year Name of the Students Achievements
1 2016-17 Mr..Kartik Chitrrkar Participated in State level camp “Avahan-2017”Disastar Manegement
2 2016-17 Ku. Kanchan Dhote Participated in State level Uttkarsh Mahotsav 2017
3 2016-17 Ku. Kanchan Dhote Participated in National Pared held at Pune